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Moleculera Labs, Inc., Awarded $500,000 Grant Funding to Develop Predictive Treatment Algorithm

Company leveraging strategic alliance w/OKC-based General Genomics to build next-gen predictive treatment model for immune-mediated neuropsychiatric disorders

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, January 11, — Moleculera Labs, Inc, an Oklahoma City-based personalized medicine company, is the recipient of a matching Oklahoma Applied Research Support (OARS) grant of $500,000 over two years from the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST). The competitive OARS grant, along with a matching contribution from Moleculera Labs, will support the company’s development of a predictive treatment algorithm that will be integrated into its existing neuropsychiatric autoantibody panel currently on the market.

Moleculera Labs performs clinical testing focused on identifying the underlying immune-related root of neurologic, psychiatric, and behavioral disorders. The Company conducts research and clinical development and operates a CLIA and COLA-accredited, high-complexity laboratory in Oklahoma City, where it has tested over 15,000 patients using its patented neuropsychiatric autoantibody panel.

When implemented, the predictive algorithm would greatly reduce or eliminate the current standard trial-and-error treatment process for physicians while reducing patient suffering from complex neuropsychiatric and behavioral disorders. This would result in a shortened timeline from diagnosis to recovery, reducing unnecessary treatment and saving both time and money for the patient and the insurance payer.

“The future is personalized medicine treatment that is directed to the underlying root cause for each patient,” said Dr. Craig Shimasaki, President and CEO of Moleculera Labs. “With over 15,000 patient data and outcomes, we anticipate the ability to predict effective treatments using machine learning and AI, which will aid doctors in making improved clinical decisions for their patients.”

Moleculera Labs was one of 20 Oklahoma companies out of 60 proposals that were awarded in the competitive 2024 OCAST OARS grant program. OCAST is a state agency established by the Oklahoma Legislature in 1987 that supports economic growth and diversification of the state’s economy through technology development, technology transfer, and technology commercialization. This is the second OARS grant awarded to Moleculera Labs.

“Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) is proud to support Moleculera Labs and their innovative work, further establishing Oklahoma as a hub for biotechnological advancements,” said Jennifer McGrail, OCAST Executive Director. “We anticipate impactful contributions to our state’s scientific landscape.”

Moleculera Labs is developing the predictive treatment algorithm with the aid of a strategic alliance with General Genomics, an Oklahoma City-based bioinformatics company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and deep machine learning to predict and proactively target individualized health risks. General Genomics will apply its AI expertise to Moleculera Labs’ extensive collection of patient data to build this predictive treatment model.

“We look forward to the meaningful impact our partnership will have on the future for patients suffering from neuropsychiatric disorders,” said AJ Rosenthal, CEO of General Genomics. “And we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for both Moleculera Labs and General Genomics.”

Through the OARS program, OCAST supports Oklahoma projects like the Moleculera Labs personalized medicine predictive treatment algorithm with awards of up to $500,000 that have the potential to create economic impact in the state. Over the two-year life of the grant, the OARS funding will enable the Company to grow its workforce, as well as substantially expand the clinical utility of its tests and services.

Co-founded in 2011 by Shimasaki and Madeleine Cunningham, PhD, a George Lynn Cross Research Professor and the Presbyterian Health Foundation Presidential Professor at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Moleculera Labs is pioneering testing to identify patients who are suffering from immune-mediated neuropsychiatric disorders so they can be properly treated and experience recovery.