Moleculera Biosciences

Our Mission and Vision

Moleculera Biosciences, Inc., is a precision medicine company founded to transform how medicine is practiced for patients suffering from chronic disorders driven by inflammation and immune dysfunction. We are intently focused on the discovery and development of next-generation technologies for the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of patients suffering from immune-mediated neuropsychiatric, cardiovascular, Long-COVID and neuro-degenerative disorders.

Our Novel Technology Platform
Three Integrated Components

Our unique technology platform consists of three integrated components, each with a separate intrinsic medical value. When combined, they lead to unprecedented discoveries.

Moleculera Biosciences Precision Medicine Technology Panels

Medicine Panels

The first platform component includes blood-based immune-mediated autoantibody testing panels that utilize novel biological targets to uncover underlying immune dysfunction in patients with specific chronic disorders. These laboratory results assist clinicians in their clinical diagnosis and help direct treatment to the underlying root of the disorder rather than treating only symptoms.

Biobank and Bioinformatics

The second platform component is our expansive biorepository of phenotypically curated specimens, which grows via our laboratory-tested and inform-consented patients. With over 15,000 immune-mediated neuropsychiatric disorder specimens that are clinically annotated with bioinformatics, it drives the development of AI-developed algorithms to predict the most effective treatment and alleviate trial-and-error interventions.

Target Identification Program

The third platform component is our novel biomarker and therapeutic target identification program, which is probed using our expansive biorepository of phenotypically curated specimens to discover new targets for companion diagnostics and novel targets for targeted therapeutic interventions.

Precision Medicine Panels
Multiple Translational Programs

Moleculera Biosciences has multiple translational programs in development to address the unmet needs of patients suffering from chronic, immune-mediated neuropsychiatric, cardiovascular, Long-COVID, and neuro-degenerative disorders.


Our signature program is focused on neurologic, psychiatric, and behavioral disorders, which has resulted in the commercialization of our patented 5-test Autoimmune Brain Panel™ (formerly known as the Cunningham Panel™) that identifies serum autoantibodies directed against specific brain receptors in patients with chronic neuropsychiatric disorders. Positive test results indicate an underlying autoimmune etiology for a patient’s neuropsychiatric symptoms and assist in guiding treatment with anti-inflammatory and/or immune-modulatory agents.

More than two decades of basic research have led to the discovery of this technology, and it is exclusively licensed from the University of Oklahoma.

Cardiovascular, Long-COVID, and Neuro-degenerative Programs

Our cardiovascular research and development has been completed and is ready to be clinically validated and commercialized with the launch of the Autoimmune Heart Panel™, which includes a 5-panel blood test that identifies an autoimmune etiology for patients with dilated cardiomyopathy, myocarditis, atrial fibrillation, and chronic heart failure.

The company’s Long-COVID Panel™ and Neuro-degenerative Disorder Panel™ programs are in various stages of development and set to be accelerated with the next round of financing.