How to Order Test


Ordering The Autoimmune Brain Panel™

The Autoimmune Brain Panel™ is a series of high complexity blood tests which can assist clinicians in diagnosing and treating immune-mediated neurologic and psychiatric conditions. The test can only be ordered by a licensed clinician. We accept clinician test orders from all 50 states in the U.S. and from other countries. (Clinicians practicing in New York State can order the Panel, but patients must have their blood collected at a facility outside of NY State.)

Elevated levels on one or more of these tests indicate that a person’s neuropsychiatric symptoms may be due to a treatable autoimmune disorder (potentially triggered by an infection(s)), rather than a classic neurologic or psychiatric illness.

Download our test requisition and take it to your doctor to begin the ordering process.


Provider submits order
Provider places an order through our Prescriber Portal or by submitting a test requisition via fax. *
Email sent to patient
After the clinician submits the order, you will receive an email from us with next steps.
Patient makes payment
Enter your insurance and payment information in our secure online patient payment portal.
Patient receives collection supplies
Moleculera ships blood collection supplies to the patient OR provider gives collection supplies to the patient.
Patient gets blood collected
Moleculera ships collection supplies to the patient OR Provider gives blood collection supplies to the patient.
Serum specimen is shipped to Moleculera
Blood specimen is shipped to Moleculera Biosciences for testing.
Results sent to provider
Test results are sent to ordering provider.