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Uncovering an immune-mediated root cause for chronic CNS and cardiovascular disorders.
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Transforming care with precision medicine.

At Moleculera Biosciences, a precision medicine company, we envision a world in which patients will be treated by targeting an identified, underlying root cause, rather than simply treating symptoms. We look beneath the surface of complex disorders to discover if there is an immune-mediated basis for chronic central nervous system (CNS) and cardiovascular disorders.

Once an immune-mediated root is identified, tailored treatments can dramatically improve a patient’s life – greatly reducing or eliminating symptoms that were once debilitating.

Our Technology Platform

Harnessing the power of real-world data to improve patients’ lives.

We are intently focused on the discovery and development of next-generation technologies for the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of patients suffering from immune-mediated neuropsychiatric, cardiovascular, Long-COVID and neuro-degenerative disorders.

Our unique technology platform consists of three integrated components, which, when utilized together, lead to unprecedented discoveries. Moleculera’s platform includes: blood-based autoantibody testing panels, an expansive biorepository of phenotypically curated specimens, and a novel biomarker and targeted therapeutic identification program.

Precision Medicine Blood Panels
Precision Medicine
Blood Panel
Heavily researched biomarker targets of immune dysfunction directed against an organ system, leading to disease
Biobank and
Curated, longitudinal, clinically annotated biobank and medical data of patient treatments and outcomes
Target Identification Programs
Target Identification
Identification of new biomarkers for companion diagnostics and novel targets for therapy
Our Science

Multiple Translational Programs

Moleculera Biosciences is advancing multiple translational programs to address the unmet needs of patients suffering from chronic, immune-mediated neuropsychiatric, cardiovascular, Long-COVID, and neuro-degenerative disorders. The company has a robust pipeline of multiple autoantibody panels including: the Autoimmune Brain Panel™ (our signature program already in the market), the Autoimmune Heart Panel™, the Long-COVID Panel™, and the Neuro-degenerative Disorder Panel™.

Autoimmune Brain Panel
Brain Panel™
Autoimmune Heart Panel
Heart Panel™
Long COVID Panel™
Cognitive Disorder Panel™
Disorder Panel™
Autoimmune Brain Panel™

Improving patient care through precision testing.

The Autoimmune Brain Panel™ includes a series of five high-complexity blood tests that assists clinicians in determining whether a patient’s neuropsychiatric symptoms may be due to a treatable autoimmune dysfunction, rather than a primary neurologic or psychiatric illness. Once diagnosed and treated properly, patients often experience a complete resolution or dramatic reduction in symptoms.

older man neuropsychiatric symptoms
young boy neuropsychiatric symptoms
Patient with neuropsychiatric symptoms

Only test of its kind

Providing hope for patients with treatment-resistant neuropsychiatric conditions.

Approximately 800 million individuals worldwide 1 suffer from neurologic, psychiatric and behavioral disorders. Typically, patients are treated with psychotropic or anti-seizure medications. However, 20-60% of these patients do not respond to treatment 2. Research indicates that in some of these cases, patients do not improve because the root cause is immune-mediated and goes undiagnosed.

That’s all changing with the Autoimmune Brain Panel™ – the only commercially available test of its kind that assists clinicians in diagnosing and treating immune-mediated neuropsychiatric disorders.

Neuropsychiatric symptoms that may be caused by an autoimmune reaction

Empowering Science.

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We are committed to helping healthcare providers improve clinical outcomes for patients with treatment resistant neuropsychiatric symptoms.

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Quest Diagnoistics
Moleculera Forms Strategic Collaboration with Quest Diagnostics
Companies Collaborate to Broaden Access to Moleculera’s Novel Neuropsychiatric Autoantibody Testing
General Genomics
Moleculera Awarded $500,000 Grant Funding to Develop Predictive Treatment Algorithm
Company leveraging strategic alliance with General Genomics to build next-gen predictive treatment model for immune-mediated neuropsychiatric disorders
General Genomics
Moleculera and General Genomics Form Strategic Alliance
To Utilize Proprietary AI to Provide Personalized Medicine for Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders

New Name. New Look.
Same Commitment.

Moleculera Labs has rebranded to Moleculera Biosciences to reflect the company’s expanding scope of research and product offerings. In addition, we have changed the name of the Cunningham Panel™ to the Autoimmune Brain Panel™ to better explain the panel’s clinical utility.
News release – coming soon.