Autoimmune Brain Panel™

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Autoimmune Brain Panel™

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Please read the Locate A Lab document before attempting to obtain a specimen for the Autoimmune Brain Panel™. Some labs may not be able to perform a blood collection for this Panel or may require an appointment.

If you are unable to locate a laboratory, please contact our customer service team at 405-239-5250.

Moleculera Biosciences can arrange a blood collection at Quest Diagnostics for you. Arrangements must be made with Moleculera before presenting to a Quest Patient Service Center (PSC). We have negotiated a special rate of $65 for specimen collection which must be paid to Moleculera in advance. This fee is a separate charge and not included in the cost of the Autoimmune Brain Panel™). Quest Diagnostics PSCs require an appointment, and we must provide special paperwork to you that authorizes the blood collection.

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