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Microbes and Mental Illness Part I: What Every Mental Health Worker Should Know About Lyme Disease

Microbes and Mental Illness: What Every Mental Health Worker Should Know About Lyme Disease Part 1

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  • Speaker: Craig Shimasaki, PhD, MBA – President & CEO, Moleculera Labs
  • Speaker: Daniel A. Kinderlehrer, MD
  • Aired: October 27, 2023


Persistent infection with tick-borne infections often causes serious neuropsychiatric symptoms that are resistant to standard psychiatric interventions. It is important that mental health workers learn to recognize an underlying organic pathology in these patients so that they receive appropriate treatment.

In this webinar, Dr. Kinderlehrer reviews the various presentations of neuropsychiatric Lyme disease, outline when to suspect an underlying infection, and suggest initial laboratory evaluation.

Dr. Shimasaki will present Molecular Mimicry: How infections can trigger autoimmune encephalitis and neuropsychiatric symptoms. He reviews the biological mechanism of molecular mimicry which can lead to the production of autoantibodies, resulting in neuropsychiatric symptoms. He also discusses how the diagnosis and treatment of underlying infections, inflammation and immune dysfunction can result in significant symptom improvement and how the Panel can be utilized to help identify and treat these patients.

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Daniel A. Kinderlehrer, MD

Dr. Kinderlehrer is a nationally recognized physician with expertise in the fields of nutrition, allergy, environmental medicine, Lyme disease and the healing of mind-body-spirit as a unified whole. Dr. Kinderlehrer co-founded The New England Center for Holistic Medicine in Newbury MA, and has taught extensively, including practitioner training courses at The Omega Institute, The National Institute of Behavioral Medicine, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, and the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society. He created and organized the Lyme Fundamentals course which is presented annually at the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society conferences. He is the author of several articles in medical journals, the Lyme Times and Psychology Today. His integrated medical practice in Denver, CO focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of tick-borne illness. Dr. Kinderlehrer is the author of Recovery From Lyme Disease: The Integrative Medicine Guide to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Tick-Borne Illness, which was released in March, 2021.

Craig Shimasaki, PhD, MBA

Dr. Shimasaki received his BS in Biochemistry from the University of California at Davis, his PhD in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from the University of Tulsa, and his MBA from Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Business. He is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Oklahoma and is the cofounder and CEO of Moleculera Labs, a neuroimmunology precision medicine company focused on identifying the underlying roots of neurologic, psychiatric, and behavioral disorders triggered by an autoimmune response. He has spent over 35 years working in the fields of molecular biology, viral pathogenesis, and infection-triggered autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders.

Dr. Shimasaki started his career at Genentech and has worked across all stages of research, development, clinical trials, and regulatory approval of technology innovation from bench-to-bedside. His research work includes epitope mapping of HIV proteins, genetic-based predictors of breast cancer risk, influenza and RSV diagnostics and therapeutics, and the pathogenesis of infection-triggered neuropsychiatric disorders. He has co-founded multiple companies and led multiple products through the FDA approval process and is a co-inventor on multiple patents. Internationally, he teaches and mentors scientists, physicians and biotech leaders on how to translate their research into acutely needed medical interventions. His passion is to translate scientific discoveries into acutely needed products so that more patients can live longer, healthier lives.

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