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ABOUT Autoimmune Brain Panel™

Autoimmune neurospysch get an infection

neuropsychiatric symptoms.

In some individuals, common infections can trigger an autoimmune response in which antibodies mistakenly attack healthy tissue in the brain, triggering inflammation and disrupting how cells and receptors function. This attack can lead to the onset of certain neurologic and psychiatric symptoms.

Antibodies mistakenly attack the brain

Only test of
its kind.

The Autoimmune Brain Panel™ is the only test of its kind that assists clinicians in determining whether neurologic and/or psychiatric symptoms may be due to an infection-triggered autoimmune dysfunction. Once this condition is diagnosed and treated properly, patients often experience a complete resolution or dramatic reduction in symptoms.

Disrupting how cells function

Testing that’s
changing lives.

Many patients tested with the Autoimmune Brain Panel™ have spent years searching for answers – visiting multiple doctors and trying numerous medications and treatments. Listen to patients share their stories of remarkable recoveries after testing helped identify an underlying immune dysfunction.

Triggering Brain Inflammation

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